Island Spring Organics

making ORGANIC tofu since 1976


Since 1976, Island Spring has been in the business of good health, making tofu and tofu-based products at their plant on Vashon Island in Washington State.

Health and Fitness are making big headlines these days. American consumers are changing their habits to include more exercise and foods that are leaner, lighter, and just plain healthier. Our complete line of tofu and tofu-based products, made from organically-grown soybeans* and the highest quality natural ingredients, ranks among the fastest-growing fitness foods of the new millennium. Tofu products boast a very old and distinguished history in the Orient. Tofu, a soybean product which can be thought of as "vegetable cheese," was first used in China and Japan over 1,000 years ago. There, a low-fat, tofu-rich diet has helped keep the incidence of diet-related diseases such as heart attack very low.

Versatile Healthy alternative to animal protein foods Made from organically-grown soybeans; natural calcium sulfate; nigari, an extract of seawater; and pure water Quality-controlled.

Our products are found at local Northwest grocery stores such as PCC, Thirftway, and Safeway.

"Is soy really a ploy?" an article by Kathy Abascal discusses the benefits of a traditional soy diet.

*Organically-grown in accordance with Chapter 19.86 Section 3 Revised code of Washington State.


No Cholesterol - No Lactose - No Sodium - Low Calories - High Protein - Certified Organic

Some of our Products


Firm Silken

High Fiber

Delicious Steamed

Extra Firm


Tofu Cubes (ppt)

Delicious Sauce

Garlic Garlic



Dare Devil Hot

Coconut Curry

Light Miso



Apple Pom

Cherry Cocoa



*Item is not organic